[permaculture] Grow with the flow! Urine charge. A golden opportunity

gaia gaia at oneota.net
Sun Oct 15 11:52:04 EDT 2006

love this discussion.
I have been experimenting with all manner of things in search of the 
perfect pee container, for females, and here is my all-out fav thus far:

It is a flower vase, a lovely curvaceous one which is shaped wider at the 
top, narrows to a neck, and then wide at the bottom;
like the female shape itself.
When not in active use, the vase sits on the floor in a corner of the 
kitchen and is beautiful.


At 09:12 AM 10/15/2006 -0500, you wrote:

>Charles de Matas wrote:
> >     I wish someone would come up with a convenient way for women to 
> collect
> > their urine.  I would like to get my sister who is 60 now and lives in
> > Toronto to come back to Trinidad, since there is some spare room in my
> > brother's house.  I've never mentioned to her my interest in collecting
> > urine or humanure and I'm not sure if she will like the idea.
> >
> > Charles
> > T&T
>Probably best addressed as a sustainability consideration rather than a
>personal interest. Conversation gets easier then. To generalize for the
>list, if women get involved in planning you can also discuss menstrual
>fertilizer opportunity.
>General urine collection resource ideas at:
>if interested in a specific product check around on pricing or other
>similar designs.
>or for outdoors or simplicity
>(there are 2 others that work well, I'm aware of, but one uses permeated
>plastic designed to kill growth, the other is disposable)
>Aside, for those who don't know, _How to Shit In the Woods_ has been
>updated and now reportedly includes more appropriate zipper designs for
>pants (I haven't read it yet myself since I'm cheap and my library
>wouldn't get the first edition so I'm not asking, I'm waiting to find it
>used. But I hear it's good.)
>In designing composting systems for food plant use, consider also
>effects of people using antibiotics or systemic birth control. I've been
>places where there are lists of who should not use resident's buckets
>and the yeast content is way different even if you don't care about the
>chemicals. A Plan B for those situations seems necessary.
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