[permaculture] Please help me test the Pc Activist shopping cart

Kathleen Evans evansdk at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 10 17:55:56 EDT 2006

Keith, I tried it, and kept getting this error message when I clicked on
the Paypal button:
"The recipient of this shopping cart link is not an approved shopping cart
user. Please review your selection and try again."      Good luck getting
it fixed...many tantalizing titles on your site! 

Kathy Evans
evansdk at earthlink.net

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> Date: 10/9/2006 6:46:51 PM
> Subject: [permaculture] Please help me test the Pc Activist shopping cart
> If anyone on these lists could take a few minutes to test the Paypal 
> shopping cart at any of the pages listed below and get back to me with 
> their results, I'd be most grateful. You don't have to actually buy 
> anything. Just take it through a couple steps and let me know if the 
> shopping cart adds new items and lets you update the cart when you 
> change the number of items.
> I tested my copies of Netscape, Internet Explorer and Mozilla 
> Firefox...and IE was the only one that wouldn't work for me (the one 
> MOST people use >:o ). If you could also let me know which browser and 
> version you used (and your mode of internet connection), that would be 
> important feedback. Paypal support is working with me to iron out the 
> bugs and they need to know these things.
> Thank you ever so much!
> Keith
> PS If you want to buy something, that's OK, too.
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net/booksvid/BooksnVid.htm
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net/booksvid/growgarden.htm
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net/booksvid/community.htm
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net/booksvid/natbldgenergy.htm
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net/booksvid/ag%20ecology.htm
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net/booksvid/forestswildlife.htm
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net/booksvid/food%20wastecycling.htm
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net/booksvid/vid%20dvd%20cd.htm
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> It's a small world after oil.

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