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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Oct 7 02:18:37 EDT 2006

neshura wrote:

> Creating RSS feeds: http://www.xul.fr/en-xml-rss.html (from wikipedia)
> Not much more complicated than just creating and updating a .xml file
> somewhere on the web. Virtually everyone uses a tool, rather than
> updating the .xml with new links by hand, since it would just be silly
> to edit an RSS feed manually. The "feed" part of the name is
> misleading -- the word implies an additional level of complication or
> automation that isn't there. http://www.foo.com/bar.xml is just a URL
> fetched by a browser the same way that /bar.html is fetched, over the

So do I need an RSS editor, .xml or .html editor? I hand code all my Website pages using a
ascii text editor. Or is any manual editing needed?

> HTTP protocol -- the difference is that since it is delivering mostly
> pure data, with layout information only rarely specified, it can be
> quite dull to view the xml items (aka "feed items") in your browser --
> much more interesting to view it in something like bloglines or the
> google personalized home page.
> Since podcasting is just RSS that delivers a link to a binary (audio)
> file rather than a link to an HTML page, there's no additional web
> knowledge required to become a podcaster. Rather, one needs to learn
> the tricks of an entirely different sphere, recorded audio, with which
> I am wholly unfamiliar myself.
> As always, the wikipedia entries can acquaint one with more
> information on RSS or podcasting with relative ease. I myself use
> Blogger to automatically generate an RSS feed for blog entries.

.... just created 2 new Blogger blogs:

Permaculture is the main topic here, applied locally and globally.
Using principles embodied in biological, biointensive, regenerative,
sustainable, natural agriculture and renewable energy in permaculture
systems design and implementation is also of interest as well as
information networking, sustainable market agriculture, living
back-to-the-land, urban permaculture and farming, homesteading,
local food production and marketing networks and farm-based
businesses and industries of all sorts.

Welcome to EcoLandTech.
This blog is about biological, biointensive, regenerative, sustainable, natural farming and gardening. Using principles 
embodied in these disciplines in permaculture systems design and implementation is also of interest here.

I added RSS feeds to both of these using Blogger's utility.
Now to find a news reader.

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