[permaculture] BBC NEWS | Technology | Geekspeak still baffles web users

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Wed Oct 4 10:06:37 EDT 2006

How much of this can be effectively used on Permaculture websites?
Anyone care to explain how to set up and use:
1) RSS
2) Podcasting

BBC NEWS | Technology | Geekspeak still baffles web users
VOD - video-on-demand
Wikis - Collaborative technology for editing websites
IPTV - internet protocol television
RSS - Really Simple Syndication alias automated news feeds
PVR - personal video recorder
Web 2.0 - user-generated ccontent phase of internet
Triple-play - internet, TV and phone in one subscription
VoIP - voice over internet protocol
IM - instant messaging
Blogging - frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts on the web
Podcasting - internet broadcasting for playback on MP3 players

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