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Paul Cereghino paul.cereghino at comcast.net
Wed Oct 4 02:36:44 EDT 2006

May be semantic but I don't think so... I don't know a scientists that 
complete quantitative studies on "ecosystems"...more typically we'd 
analyze bits and pieces, then through some elaborate conceptual model 
infer system behavior.  Similarly there are many sources of quantitative 
research that can be used to analyze and infer the functions of bits and 
pieces of permaculture systems (between agriculture, forestry, 
restoration ecology, ecosystem research, vegetation ecology, and 
agroforestry journals).  But quantitative research "on permaculture" is 
kind of tricky, as "permaculture" in the conversatinoal realm is a vague 
concept of convenience, half political, and science is interested more 
in things and what they are doing.
... and then there is that Bill Mollison guy, but I think he stopped 
doing research...

Regarding the MLA - i turned away from that path in favor of science 
training - no regrets -- I appreciate the analytical methods. 

I think we ought to be careful to differentiate between professional 
certifications, skill sets, and a business models.  "landscape 
architect" is pretty vague in terms of skill set and business model, and 
is primarily a professional certification.  It is easy to be a LA and do 
permaculture, just like its easy to be a mechanic or a street sweeper 
and do permaculture... it is harder to develop a viable business model, 
and LA training likely will not give you a permaculture skill set, but 
it does give you skills that help you present complex ideas, like 
permaculture... I'd just be clear on what kind of specific contacts and 
skills you are expecting to get out of a MLA program and then carefully 
check to see if that 'ole ivory tower can deliver, or if you are after a 
business model... generate some business models and then determine the 
credentials necessary to implement in your market of interest.

MY QUESTION IS -- If you wanted a scientist to quantitatively test some 
hypothesis about permaculture, what exactly would it be?!

Paul Cereghino, Olympia, WA -- card carrying M.S.

>I've never met a stamp-carrying, M. L.Arch. degree-holding, practicing 
>landscaper that uses Permaculture ideas full-time. It's regulated at the 
>state level. In Illinois you need 8 years with an existing licensed 
>Landscape Architecture firm before you can have your own stamp. In 
>Illinois, at least, it's illegal to advertise yourself as "landscape 
>architect" if you don't have a stamp. Other terms such as "landscape 
>designer" and "landscaper" are unregulated here.
>Similarly, I've never met a M.S. or Ph.D. holding scientist that does 
>quantitative research on Permaculture. If they exist they don't publish.
>I'd be delighted to hear of an exception.
>Rob Scott
>Urbana, IL
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