[permaculture] OT Linux and XP for Lawrence

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Tue Oct 3 21:26:22 EDT 2006

 I've already responded off-list to Lawrence, but this inspires
 an on-list observation or two.

 Kubuntu (also a derivative of Debian) is a parallel development
 to Ubuntu, but using KDE ( http://www.kde.org ) instead.  It's
 worthy of a look-see.  IMO, KDE's a superior desktop environment
 to Gnome, but I recognise that this is the stuff of holy wars.

 For anyone trying to 'wean yourselves' off a Win32 platform,
 I strongly recommend that you avoid a dual-boot scenario.

 Dual-booting used to be necessary back in the last century, but
 it's an expensive (time) and frustrating process, and you generally
 end up favouring the default OS.  For most people I'd expect that
 would be the one they are comfortable with - ie, MS-Win variants.

 Given that VMware now provide their Server product $-free, this
 is a far more attractive proposition for those who want to make the
 switch slowly. (Aside - try to reduce the period that you rely on
 both platforms - even with a virtual machine architecture it's still
 an expensive and time-consuming proposition maintaining two platforms
 and switching between them.)

 I would, of course, recommend running vmware on a GNU/Linux platform,
 and then running your legacy Win32 apps within a virtual machine.
 There are a number of reasons for this - including (BNLT) ultimately
 just a matter of turning the vmware session off after you've weaned,
 encourages that trend, the more secure platform should run as host
 with less secure as guests, more robust platform should <ditto>, and
 doubtless a few other good reasons exist.

 VMware server product available at:

 Kubuntu information at:

 Note that your ISP may well have a mirror of various distributions
 already - so you can download them much faster, and much more
 politely, from their server instead of the public one.  We can all be
 good netizens, etc.


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