[permaculture] Global Food Supply Near the Breaking Point || Double-Digging and John Jeavons' methods and books

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue May 30 21:08:26 EDT 2006

E. E. Mitchamore Jr wrote:

> Three comments about double-digging:
> 1) My soil is single-dig deep (then rock).
> 2) In the absence of mechanical disturbance (introducing air) there is little nutrient-producing biological activity below a foot of depth.  Thus it's not very "natural".
> 3) It's HARD WORK!
> So, if Jeavons' concepts are based on double-digging, it's not for me.

He co-authored a book just for you: "Lazy Bed Gardening".
Above-ground containerized raised beds will work fine.
Get some free rock dust from a local quarry and mix it with manures and compost;
add also greensand, azomite, rock phosphate, high calcium limestone, aragonits,
blood meal, kelp meal, alfalfa meal. Work your soil as deep as you can then segment off your individual garden plots and 
build masonry walls around them two feet tall. Add the above materials, mix well, plant and water. Build tranlucent 
covers of nontoxic pressure treated lumber and sheets of polycarbonate to extend your growing season into cold weather.


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