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Niels Corfield mudguard at gmail.com
Tue May 30 19:55:26 EDT 2006

Simple answer is to plant trees or deciduous vines that shade the south 
facing aspect of your house.
More specifically you should design with shade and plants.

It is just this kind of issue that it is worth taking a course to resolve.
Most people don't really have clear design goals when taking a course 
but you will, if you haven't already look into a Permaculture Design 
Course or an Intro to Permaculture. Though the former would be more 
thorough and you could use the resource of the teacher and the course, 
and support of the other students, to design a solution to your problem 
of seasonal temps/dwellings and get all sorts of other advantageous 
outputs like: food and fuel.

It will not be a "quick" fix but it will be a good one, and it will be 
yours. That said some trees (e.g. Red alder) and vines will give shade 
in the second season, depending how close and how densely planted.

Another design option is to create a trellis structure/arbour or 
shade-house outside, one that could have vines grow over it later but 
you would cover with palm leaves, tree branches, or any other material 
or fabric available.
It really doesn't have to be anything grand. perhaps just some timbers 
leaned against your house, fixed to the wall and buried in the ground.

Then when it rains you go indoors, or plant vine seeds/cuttings around 
your shade house.
And in the winter your trees get planted.

Some books show dwelling design examples that incorporate shade houses.
Mollison's Intro to Permaculture

But again a design course is what really unlocks the door the box of 


Kathy Evans wrote:

>Hello all, Kathy in Missouri, new to the list, thanks for the welcome
>earlier. I am trying to reduce my "energy footprint" but I turn into wilted
>lettuce when it's hot and humid not to mention I get very cranky. I would
>like ideas for keeping the house cooler without a/c, given that I can't
>afford to install new equipment at the moment, and/or for keeping myself
>cool. I work at home. I take many brief cool showers. I've heard of putting
>a bowl of ice in front of a fan but haven't tried it.       Thanks, Kathy
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