[permaculture] stopping bamboo

Charles de Matas cdematas at hotmail.com
Tue May 30 11:15:08 EDT 2006

Do you want to get rid of the bamboo, or just stop it from spreading?  
Bamboo is very difficult to get rid of.  My brother tries burning bamboo 
patches but they always grow back. Digging a moat sounds like a lot of work. 
  Bamboo likes water even though it does not cross it.
   If you want to get rid of the bamboo you can try shading it out.  Cut it 
down to the ground and cover the patch with old sheet metal, corrugated iron 
or something like that. Plastic sheeting may not be durable enough.  I would 
suggest leaving it covered for at least a year.

<<Open water will do it, I think.
Just dig a moat around the baby, they are reputed to not be able to
cross open water.
Dunno how deep it should be.
And lining the pond/moat will be an issue.

It's a thought.

Bamboo - I've been told copper flashing works, just bury it vertically,
but 24" wide flashing is going to be expensive these days....

SECOND: I wonder if someone has good advice on what to do when  a
rapidly spreading bamboo starts coming up under your historic house?
Some of our friends are pulling it up daily, and I don't think digging
it up so far has worked for them. They are talking about a concrete wall
between the house and the bulk of the spreaders. Any ideas? They would
love to hear them!

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