[permaculture] pumps and grey water systems

andrew phillips greenman124 at yahoo.com
Wed May 24 15:50:56 EDT 2006

I guess you are talking about gray water, not rain
water. What about collecting rain water off the roof
and using gravity feed to get it to your garden.

If you are using the water for garden then why need to
purify so much? Acid rain kicks in at Ph4.5 - up unil
then plants tend to take up your coloidal compost
rather than nasty stuff - but you need the copost (and

--- mitshell <mitshell at netvision.net.il> wrote:

> Recently completed building a water purification
> system using barrels filled
> with stone and water plants. Water runs thru 14
> barrels that are lined up
> serially.
> It then fills up 500 liter bucket that I then want
> to use to water the
> garden which is located uphill
> I was thinking of using a pump to pump up the water
> to the computerized
> water irrigation system that I currently use to time
> the watering. However
> doing this is now problematic in that I can not hook
> up the pump to turn on
> only when the timed irrigation system turns on. If I
> cant do this I run the
> risk of having the pump on when the system is off
> and thus bursting a pipe
> Any body with experience in this area
> All help welcome
> Thanx
> Mitch Schertz
> Zichron Yaakov ISRAEL
> mitshell at netvision.net.il
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