[permaculture] moving toward permaculture on a very small scale

Kathy Evans evansdk at earthlink.net
Tue May 23 18:43:09 EDT 2006

Thank you all for your kind and welcoming responses to my earlier question,
am I at the right party. I live on less than half an acre in the city. I
have been organic gardening for over twenty years, raised beds and
trellises, about a thousand square feet, letting the edible weeds go and
eating them, and I have a small flock of hens, for eggs, and use the manure
on the garden. I know and use wild edibles. The rest of my yard is shaded
and has clay soil. Five people to feed. What are some next steps I can take
to move in this permaculture direction under these conditions, given that I
won't be moving out to the country any time soon? What's the difference
between what I've been doing and permaculture? What form does permaculture
take in the city, if any, when self-subsistence is not possible, not even
close? Kathy

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