[permaculture] Bamboo and Boysenberry

Michelle Maggiore mmaggior at mindspring.com
Mon May 22 15:59:30 EDT 2006

Hello All- I have questions about two plants:

FIRST: Boysenberry. A dear man that lives nearby has been very thoughtful and generous in sharing many of his more unusual fruit tree seeds and cuttings, etc. and when  I asked what I could help HIM find, he replied boysenberry. He grew up in California, and said that though it was hard work harvesting the fruit (his dad got  the whole family into it) he nowmisses the plant of his younger days, so any help or leads you can provide on finding a source for boysenberry are very much appreciated.

SECOND: I wonder if someone has good advice on what to do when  a rapidly spreading bamboo starts coming up under your historic house? Some of our friends are pulling it up daily, and I don't think digging it up so far has worked for them. They are talking about a concrete wall between the house and the bulk of the spreaders. Any ideas? They would love to hear them!

Many Thanks, 
Michelle in VA

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