[permaculture] Global Food Supply Near the Breaking Point

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Sun May 21 15:44:53 EDT 2006

The demand for oil has risen constantly, and shortages (either real or
artificial) occurred following the New Orleans flooding, Nigerian riots
and military action, etc. (The tripling of the world price for light
sweet crude in less than 18 months indicates a shortage of oil priced at
previous levels (approx. US $23).) 

Historically, gasoline has been subsidized as the energy carrier and
storage medium of choice for several reasons. Now, the "addiction" is
being used as a political platform by policy-starved politicians instead
of promoting meaningful R&D in alternative energy paradigms. 

If anybody on this list is currently planning an alternative paradigm,
please indicate where or how I can contact you. I am in search of a plan
to utilize an extremely rock-laden piece of property in a cold climate.
I have some ideas but would like to discuss them with experienced


On Sun, 21 May 2006 14:35:24 -0400, "Lawrence F. London, Jr."
<lfl at intrex.net> said:
> J Kolenovsky wrote:
> > I couldn't tell from the thread who said this.
> > 
> > "I have ignored the peak oil issue deliberately as just a distraction. The
> > extreme need for energy conservation and usage
> > efficiency stands on its own and ranks very high in priority".
> > 
> > Is this a positive and negative distraction and how does Peak Oil have a 
> > relative
> > effect on the issue?
> > 
> > "Ranks very high in priority".  Present tense or "past" tense. Will it 
> > turn around?
> > What does the next century hold?
> I said:
> PO is a distraction.
> Where is the proof there is an oil shortage?
> and
> "energy conservation and usage efficiency stands on its own and ranks
> very high in priority"
> The energy issue is separate from the PO issue and has always been
> around.
> Things need a complete turnaround to reduce demand for oil and energy
> from other sources used in agriculture/wild 
> grazing, architecture, transportation, local commerce. There is a need
> for massive R&D in off the grid equipment
> and usage in energy-efficient architecture; also, year-round gardening in
> greenhouses with heat collection and storage 
> of advanced design.
> All this can easily be done. Industry has provided us with excellent
> materials (plastics, wood, masonry, insulation 
> products, OTG equipment and more) to help make this happen.

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