[permaculture] slug solutions?

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I go out in the late evenings before bed and pull them off my plants, save
them in plastic containers and then take them to a wild field about one
block from my house where they can eat plants without fear of getting
killed. This works very well and keeps the populations very small. I also go
out in the daytime and pull them from around the rims of plastic nursery
containers, or underneath the leaves of the passion fruit, where they hide
out, and other spots in the garden where it is dark and moist during the

I also use diatomaceous earth around young veggie seedlings and it works
very well to keep them at bay until they are relocated.



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Janet Wyllie wrote:

>  Slugs absolutely LOVE organic matter, they call it home.  They also glide

> over sawdust and wood ash.  I have never found any dead ones in beer.  The

> snails hang like bunches of grapes in the trees that are mulched. And
> adore duck more than any other poultry. And for 25 years I have
> stomped on them in misty, rainy wet conditions at night time.  Some areas 
> are just more prone to attack than others I reckon
> must be the ley lines
> Janet 

Do you have the same slugs there as we do here (N.C.)? I have never had any
predation problems
from them that I am aware of. They range in size from 1 1/2" to 3" and are
mostly grey stiped.

Temperatures here range from 0 F. to 105 F. We do not have excessive
rainfall and often have
2 to 6 weeks of drought.


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