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Subject: permaculture videos tonight
Date: Wed, 03 May 2006 17:23:37 GMT

Subject: Permaculture Videos
The second in a short series of permaculture films will be shown at the
Internationalist Bookstore in Chapel Hill this Wednesday evening, May
3 at 7 PM.  The following videos will be shown:

'Farming with Nature': Austrian farmers Sepp and Veronika Holzer show
how they have turned 110 A of steep alpine slopes into a Garden of Eden.
Cherries, figs and lemons at 4,000 ft!  A convincing demonstration of
permaculture beautifully filmed with English narration.  Definitely
worth seeing. (30 mins).

'The Synergistic Garden': French permaculturist, Emilia Hazelip, shows
her method of
organic no-till gardening and explains the basis of true soil health (30

'Urban Permaculture': Dr. Bill Roley introduces his 20 yr old coastal
paradise in
southern California, showing how he created a food jungle from recycled
yard waste with judicious use of scarce runoff..  We also see design and
structure in the early phases of a parallel food forest at an orphanage
in Tijuana, Mexico. (30 mins).

All are welcome!
Internationalist Bookstore
405 West Franklin St
Chapel Hill

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