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I see that it's based in Hawaii, and hints that it's oriented toward Pacific islands.  From your experience, does it also have content relating to SW USA - type "forests"?  If not, then where can I find that type of discussion?

There is a lot of discussion around Central Texas about wildlife, and I realize that it's related, but I would very much like to see discussions of "people food forests" in hot, dry climates with thin poor alkaline soil.

E. E. "Mitch" Mitchamore
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  Antonio asked,
  >does anyone know of any agroforestry discussion list similar to this one?

  Have you seen the resource lists at agroforestry.net? You can also 
  subscribe to a newsletter there called The Overstory. It's not a 
  discussion list, but a series of articles that are sent out as 
  newsletters -- #169 arrived this week.
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