[permaculture] Trees densities

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Fri Mar 24 17:17:26 EST 2006

sinergyinaction at netscape.net wrote:
>> The main constraint there is drought and summer very high temperatures (40ºC
>> +). 
>> Although I am selecting drought-tolerant trees I am still
>> unsure how far can I push closeness without creating too much competition for
>> water and nutrients.
>> The idea here is to increase biomass and shade etc. as much as possible in as
>> a short time as possible

How cold does it get in winter? There's quite a range of tropical deciduous
legumes that drop their leaves to cope the with long hot dry season, from
shrubs through to tall fast-growing trees. Most of these can coppiced
regularly through the leafy time of year to build up a good mulch layer.
Some spp can handle a reasonable amount of frost while others are quite
frost sensitive.


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