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Thu Mar 23 15:35:22 EST 2006

If you recompost using Berkeley method you'll
neatralize the inorganics because of generated heat -
this is my understanding anyway. 

If you mix mushroom compost with other organic compost
you'll reduce inorganic load and inorganics may leach
out quite quickly anyway. 

If you include plenty of nitrogen fixers in the system
you will further reduce impact of inorganics.

If you really into this you might do before and after
soil tests to see what happened!


--- Forest Garden <forestgarden at gvtc.com> wrote:

> A nearby commercial mushroom grower sells the used
> soil / compost in which
> they grew the mushriooms.  The cost is really
> reasonable.  I am seriously
> thinking of getting some - the price is definantely
> right!   When I looked
> into something like this a few years ago I was
> deterred by the perception
> that commercial mushroom gorwing uses a lot of
> chemicals (pesticides,
> fungicides, etc.) that would be residual in the
> compost.  Does anyone know
> if this is true?   Would this be good stuff to use? 
> Any downsides you can
> think of?
> Sincerely,
> Marjory
> The growers webiste is:.
> http://www.kitchenpride.com/
> It costs only about $7.50 per cubic yard!
> The soil is apparently HOT when you pick it up and
> needs to be mixed with
> other soil before being used. They say they have a
> LOT of it for sale.
> Ingredients: Sheep manure, Wheatstraw, Cotton seed
> meal, Cotton seed oil,
> Cotton seed hulls, Limestone, Peat Moss
>  The mix is pasteurized (cooked @ 150 degrees @100%
> humidity) to kill
> anything that would compete with their mushrooms for
> the nutrients.
>  Issues I have with it:  None of the ingredients are
> organic. This is BAD
> NEWS with the cotton ingredients especially, I
> believe. I'm not as concerned
> about the loss of soil microbes, as I can
> reintroduce them with compost tea.
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