[permaculture] mixed hardwood forest

roxann roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com
Wed Mar 22 13:11:17 EST 2006

I have some woods that I'd like to restore to a balanced forest. It's a mixed red oak and hickory forest, but with all the logging that was done over the years before i bought it, there's mostly red oak left. And i'm not sure that the remaining un-logged forest on my land is truly balanced either. It appears to have a healthy ecosystem, with some of the plants that are more picky about habitats (ginseng, goldenseal, bloodroot, wild ginger, etc.). but what trees SHOULD be there, and which should be predominant, or should there be an even mix of trees like red and white oak, beech, maple, tulip tree, hickory, etc? I want to replant the parts of the forest that were logged, with trees that are supposed to be there. and how far apart should the young trees be planted from other more mature trees?

Roxann, NW Arkansas

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