[permaculture] Wind barrier

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Mar 21 12:27:29 EST 2006

Vonzu wrote:

> Hi, permaculturers.
> I am currently trying to convert to a more self-sufficient state, and have
> run in to some wind problems.
> I live in southern Norway, in a small, glacier-created valley. The wind
> speeds in our little valley can be quite high, and although it is nice to
> uce for electricity generation, it is a problem in my garden. Work can
> become difficult and unpleasant, kids have problems standing erect, and the
> plants don't get the peace and quiet i would like them to have.
> I have thought about constructing walls, but it is very costly and time
> consuming to erect walls of sufficcient size.
> What I would like the most, would be to plant some sturdy and fast growing
> plants along the perimeter. I have limited knowledge about these things yet,
> and have no clue as to which kind of plant I would benefit the most from
> using.
> I might mention that my garden is large enough to accomodate quite wide wind
> barriers.
> Can anyone recommend some "wally" plants to me?
> Regards from Jan Anton Fjermestad

Hello Jan:

Could you describe the climatic conditions in your area, such as last frost date,
lowest temperature reached in Winter and average rainfall? Also, what type of soil do you have,
sandy, heavy clay, well/poorly drained, organic matter content and pH comnditions?

I would think that any coniferous evergreens would be best suited for your planting especially
such trees as cedar, spruce and hemlock. These are not particularly deep rooted species and do prefer acidic soils.
Can oak, birch, maple and beech grow where you are?

central North Carolina

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