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Ha Ha America smart and precient.

Here is another link to 9/11 conspiracy with my letter
to the Miami Herald staff writer who wrote this piece.
I think it explains my feelings on this matter.

The link to the flashvideo is at the bottom of this

MIAMI HERALD: "9/11 Attacks: Avoiding the Hard
Questions". Miami Herald, Feb.2"


Congratulations on your story:9/11 Attacks: Avoiding
> the Hard Questions". Miami Herald, Feb.2.
> www.commondreams.org/views06/0201-28.htm
> Logic tells me there is a monstrous conspiracy
> 9/11. But my survival instincts force me to look
> and move on with my ordinary life. To accept the
> conspiracy puts me through the looking glass where
> emperor has no clothes and there is an elephant in
> room - and nobody stirs. It smacks of proto-fascism!
> I am a 61 year old Australian living in New York for
> thirty years. I have traveled the world with
> Australian Broadcasting as filmmaker, journalist and
> muliti-award winning radio documentary producer. I
> have taught journalism at universities here and in
> Australia for more than a decade.
> I deeply explored the atomic bomb and interviewed
> bomber pilots. I have traveled through the Central
> American war zones and the dark corridors of the
> Iran-Contra Affair. For fifteen years I produced
> "Investigations: Explorations in Radio, Sound and
> Music" on Pacifica Radio, WBAI-FM, New York and I
> program director for four years in the early
> I am now exploring "permaculture" as a way of life
> means to making the world a better place.
> Permaculture is an Australian based land design
> producing food and shelter following nature's
> patterns. It is practiced and taught all over the
> world.
> I believe many journalists feel as you do but are
> unable or unwilling to publish the story. In the
> meantime I batten down the hatches and try to create
> soft place to land for my fellow humans, animals and
> plants.
> Andrew Leslie Phillips.
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Permaculture encourages:
"Care of Earth. Care of people. Return of surplus to both. "

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