[permaculture] question for list members: is a formal, netiquette guide f...

Claude William Genest genest at pivot.net
Thu Mar 9 13:21:22 EST 2006

I would be sorry to see the free flow of ideas curtailed. Off-topic  
threads have allowed me to get to know the others better and to feel  
a solidarity that I think is important seeing as how we are such a  
sparse and far flung bunch.
What is wrong with just using the delete button ?

Best Regards,

Claude William Genest

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- Creator  "Regeneration - The Art of Sustainable Living"
 From "Something-Must-be-Done" to Something we can do !

- Ecological Coordinator
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- Vice-President  Green Party of Quebec "pour nous et nos enfants"

- National Spokesperson Green Party of Canada
"The Future is Now ! "

On Mar 9, 2006, at 11:30 AM, Marimike6 at cs.com wrote:

> Perhaps a separate list could be maintained for personal  
> philosophies. I
> enjoy following the ongoing discussion on permaculture methods,  
> applications and
> news. But as for personal philosophies, let's agree that we all  
> have one and
> leave it at that.
> I would suggest we keep the membership list as all-inclusive as  
> possible, but
> that we all focus on the subject at hand-- the stuff on the other  
> end of your
> shovel.
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