[permaculture] question for list members: is a formalnetiquetteguide for the PC list desired?

Robert Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
Mon Mar 6 08:30:07 EST 2006


I agree that we must speak to the masses, but at 
the same time there has to be a place where 
permaculturists can talk among themselves about 
issues.  This list is such a place.  I have 
subscribed here for several years and I have 
learned a lot.  Yes, we talk philosophy and 
culture and such but you can also find answers to 
specific questions.  Feel free to ask such 
questions, that might be a good way to get a new 
discussion started.

One recommendation I would make.  When I was first 
learning about permaculture, the best "one volume" 
source for permaculture information in plain, 
everyday language, that I found was Toby 
Hemenway's "Gaia's Garden: a guide to homescale 

Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City

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From: "E. E. Mitchamore Jr" <emitch at att.net>
>I apologize in advance, because some of this post 
>is critical.  Not of the individual below, but of 
>the "attitude" (maybe not a good word) his 
>language illustrates.  I do recognize that every 
>special-interest group has its own language, but 
>I have to question the motives behind the 
> If the purpose of Permaculture is to develop 
> small closed groups that can survive the coming 
> crises, a special language is fine.
> If the purpose of Permaculture is to develop 
> methods that help all species and individuals to 
> survive, then the language MUST be understood by 
> truck drivers, waiters, clerks, ditch diggers, 
> etc., who, with their votes and dollars, make 
> far-reaching decisions.
> If I have no idea what is being said, like 
> below, I cannot act on it.  Also, 
> capitalization, spelling and punctuation can be 
> ignored if self-expression is your goal.  If 
> COMMUNICATION is your goal, you should adhere to 
> the principles of good writing that are commonly 
> accepted and understood.  If you "define your 
> own meaning", your neighbor won't understand 
> you.  If he doesn't understand you, he will 
> probably oppose you.  Where does that get you?
> All of this is just another way of saying that 
> we need to preach to the masses, rather than to 
> each other, if we want real change.  Please dumb 
> it down so I can understand you - I want to 
> learn from you.
> E. E. "Mitch" Mitchamore
> www.hillcountrynatives.biz
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