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Marimike6 at cs.com Marimike6 at cs.com
Mon Mar 6 08:06:45 EST 2006

<< "We are forced to define our own meanings" 
Who said so, thought is the only thing that could, and in most cases out of 
fear of the unknown which is something that can never be known, things like 

Humans have been doing this since they dropped out of the trees [well thought 
has been playing these games] 
through every tribe culture and religion including the present day
So what you have is thought which is entirely built on the past [memory] 
creating the present and projecting into the future with total failure [well it 
will be shortly for the vast majority]
If we could except thought as useful for work and communication and be in the 
ever changing moment then we are at the beginning the journey and the end 
and there is nothing stoping you until thought jumps back in to assert it's 
dominance [observe your own thoughts as your reading and when you finish] this 
is either true or false
I guess this is zone 0 [home] in permaculture terms  >>


What does all this mean? Is it without inherent meaning? Or might it be 
without a meaning we can understand? 

Either way, my desire for logic is futile. Please define your own meanings-- 
even though they might be only temporary.

Michael  :)

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