[permaculture] flame and a question for list members: is a formal netiquette guide for the PC list desired?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Mar 4 03:58:41 EST 2006

Graham wrote:

> I second that...
> Martin Naylor wrote:
>> Good on you lawrence keep up the great work
>> Martin

Thanks, Graham, Jara and Martin!

Is list consensus that a netiquette guide for the PC list
homepage should be created or is an anarcho-unregulated freethinking
eschatological* existential mode preferred?

Paolo Soleri's Glossary of Terms
Eschatological Hypothesis
"An hypothesis framed in the propostion that a meaningful end is in the realm of the possible and definitely in the 
realm of the desirable. The hypothesis sees the resolution of the becoming (of reality) into Omega Seed , that is, into 
the reawakening of all the past in a state of total self revelation.
Since the truth is in the making (it is not a given) for the obvious reason that reality itself is in the making and the 
reality is the only arbiter, in fact the only "definer" of the truth (if it is), the eschatological end is not 
pre-defined, preordained, predestined, predesigned (all of those are from the realm of mandate from above). Therefore 
the hypothesis has no guarantee tags in the sense of what and why. The grassroots procedure is the one that might 
develop the Howness conducive to the slow emergence of the what and why, that is, of what the desirable could be."

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