[permaculture] " a bridge over troubled waters"

Claude William Genest genest at pivot.net
Fri Mar 3 10:23:35 EST 2006

Flames happen ! Inevitable. If Buddhist monks can get into street  
brawls with each other ( like the ones I read about in Thailand) then  
why should we be so perfect ?
  It's how we deal with it that counts and I think we're dealing with  
it well.
Anyways - People who can't handle flames are a bunch of...... Just  
kidding ! Hee!

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Claude William Genest

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On Mar 3, 2006, at 9:39 AM, Scott Pittman wrote:

> It is very disturbing to me that a certain amount of capriciousness  
> has entered the management of this list which has led to people  
> leaving the list and searching for alternatives.  I hope this is  
> fixable.
> This list has been a fixture in the Permaculture Movement  
> internationally and I depend on it for good healthy dialogue,   
> information, and continuity in my connection around the world with  
> other Permies.  To lose such a resource would be a tragic thing, so  
> it seems that all of us must come up with a way to stop the  
> hemorraging of membership, and how to deal with management of the  
> list that is more in the tradition of  participatory democracy (to  
> use an old SDS term) and less subject to caprice.
> I think that Lawrence has done an amazing job of putting all of the  
> various PC links together and how he has managed to not only create  
> them but monotor them is beyond me, but, perhaps, a little help is  
> in order.  What do you think Larry is there a way we can satisfy  
> the members need for a non-flammable environment.
> Scott Pittman
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