[permaculture] " a bridge over troubled waters"

Scott Pittman pci at permaculture-inst.org
Fri Mar 3 09:39:35 EST 2006

It is very disturbing to me that a certain amount of capriciousness has 
entered the management of this list which has led to people leaving the 
list and searching for alternatives.  I hope this is fixable.

This list has been a fixture in the Permaculture Movement 
internationally and I depend on it for good healthy dialogue,  
information, and continuity in my connection around the world with other 
Permies.  To lose such a resource would be a tragic thing, so it seems 
that all of us must come up with a way to stop the hemorraging of 
membership, and how to deal with management of the list that is more in 
the tradition of  participatory democracy (to use an old SDS term) and 
less subject to caprice. 

I think that Lawrence has done an amazing job of putting all of the 
various PC links together and how he has managed to not only create them 
but monotor them is beyond me, but, perhaps, a little help is in order.  
What do you think Larry is there a way we can satisfy the members need 
for a non-flammable environment. 

Scott Pittman

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