[permaculture] List Host Plea

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Thu Mar 2 05:48:25 EST 2006

I would expect a list moderator to use more tact and felt somewhat affronted
by the abusive language used by the moderator in replies to recent postings.

I value this list and for me it provides a means of keeping in touch with
long term permie friends around the planet, as well as being a source of
news and interesting discussion. I recommend this list to my PDC students
and to many permies I come in contact with, and am now having second
thoughts. I feel somewhat embarrassed to have subjected those who've taken
up my recommendation to such bad manners.

Lets move on - there's a whole beautiful planet out there needs our
compassion, respect and appropriate action pretty urgently, we can ill
afford to waste time on negative energy sinks like this.


Robyn Francis

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