[permaculture] List Host Blues

Katherine Steele ksteele at steelemoon.com
Thu Mar 2 04:43:50 EST 2006

This is so exhausting.  Another International Permaculture List was  
started not long ago and set up primarily in response to the poor  
moderation skills and unbridled temper of this list's host. Read the  
purpose and guidelines and register here if you like. http:// 

A list serve host's job as I understand is not only technical but is  
primarily to facilitate conversations and *prevent* conflict and  
flaming, rather than generate it.

It's a real shame that every few months all the subscribers of this  
list have to go through this.  It feel's abusive.  Though I don't  
post here often, I throughly enjoy reading this list and have learned  
quite a bit from all of you over the past few years.

Larry why don't you let someone else host this list for while.  You  
really continuously cause people to get upset and some resort to  
leaving.  It's sad when things like that happen that could be avoided.

Take a break and let someone else drive and maybe you could learn  
something from observing their style.


ps thanks lauren and others who spend time/energy and awareness on  
this  and go through the ringer for it

On Feb 28, 2006, at 8:21 AM, Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:

> Loren Davidson wrote:
>> The "oppression inherent in the system" is no excuse for failure to
>> treat people with common courtesy, IMO. Unless you've become an
>> "evangelical farmer" or some such, ready to send all non-believers to
>> the auto-da-fe. Which is unfortunately what you're sounding like
>> here, and it's scary. This is how religious wars start. Next you'll
>> be issuing "farmer fatwas."
> Thanks a lot. You should join the abusive right wing conservatives.  
> With your attitudes you
> could be very useful to them. Other than that you're full of shit.
>> I also feel that it's a point of view that is totally incompatible
>> with Permaculture as I know it. But I'll admit that I'm not one of
>> the individuals who coined the term, so perhaps my understanding of
>> the term is faulty.
> You probably need to spend more time learning about permaculture  
> and a lot less
> with phony-agenda pseudo-elitist high-moral-ground extremist  
> political correctness.
>> We need to be working together, recognizing and incorporating
>> diversity in a social/political polyculture,
> And how would you suggest going about doint that and define more  
> clearly the abjectives.
> Serious question to stimulate a change of topic.
>> not creating a monocrop
>> of opinions. and using rhetorical Roundup to wither those with which
>> we disagree.
> Yours is one of the worst examples of that.
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