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Mon Jul 31 15:13:44 EDT 2006

 FREE CLASS: Becoming Self-Reliant
Saturday August 26, 2006 7pm-9pm
At the Red Rock Community Centre
114 Red Rock Road, Red Rock,Texas 78662

If growing your own food, harvesting rainwater, generating your own energy,
and becoming more independent of 'the system' appeals to you, then you must
attend this free class. Our world is changing rapidly and the future is
uncertain. Is there a way to navigate the coming changes and to create a
richer and more fulfilling life at the same time? Getting back to basics
and re-disovering the joy of eating directly from nature is both rewarding
and challenging. There is a good collection of wisdom available from
cultures that never were in 'the system', from others who left the system,
and from new technological advances. Our speaker, Dick Pierce will be
exploring this topic of world changes and self-reliance from all these

Also, come to meet and network with other like-minded folks from the Red
Rock area. Kids are welcome to play outside on the covered benches.

Dick Pierce is a Texas Master Gardener, a Texas Master Naturalist, and a
dedicated and highly experienced permaculture teacher. Dick has been
working with the Sustainable Food Coalition for many years. He is an
enthusiastic and entertaining presenter, and regularly gives talks on
gardening, sustainability, permaculture, the weather, and the natural
history of Central Texas.

Sponsored by the Red Rock Pioneers and the Texas Institute for Practical
Sustainability. Call Marjory Glowka at 830 839 4077 for more information.

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