[permaculture] Dealing with one's own trash....

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We have a large ceramic container with a lid that sits on the kitchen
counter next to the sinks. It is very convenient to scrape the vegetable and
fruit scraps into it and we empty it about every other day or more often. We
never have had any fruit flies because it is emptied often and washed out
after emptying it.  My worms love it and give me great fertilizer for my

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> In my compost bins, I found that whenever I saw lots of fruit flies 
> hovering, it was easy to move them along by burying the compostables 
> deeper in the pile, covering them with a layer of shredded newspaper, 
> or adding a layer of coffee grounds.
> To avoid smell and insects in something like a 5-gallon bucket with a 
> lid, you can get some coffee grounds (free from most coffee shops) 
> and cover each day's compostables with them.

It's less an outside issue than an INSIDE issue I'm fighting.  :)  I need a
way to convince the whole family to put the kitchen scraps somewhere OTHER
than in the garbage can so I'm thinking something like a separate waste
center with maybe biodegradable bags or something similar?

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