[permaculture] Dealing with one's own trash....

yarrow at sfo.com yarrow at sfo.com
Mon Jul 31 13:35:08 EDT 2006

>Noctaire wrote:
>>  It's less an outside issue than an INSIDE issue I'm fighting.  :)  I need a
>>  way to convince the whole family to put the kitchen scraps somewhere OTHER
>>  than in the garbage can so I'm thinking something like a separate waste
>>  center with maybe biodegradable bags or something similar?

Put the collection container where the compostables are generated, so 
that the easiest and most convenient thing to do is to put them in 
that container, not in the trash. An uncovered bowl sitting on the 
counter, emptied daily, will not smell or attract insects (in my 
climate, anyway).

I use quart soy yogurt containers, emptied daily. If the containers 
are covered, they grow mold and start to smell really bad, so I keep 
them uncovered. I don't have a kitchen counter, so I keep them right 
in the sink. I have never seen insects, but I do empty them daily.

I even have a neighbor saving kitchen wastes for me, also in quart 
containers on the kitchen counter. The neighbor is in the habit of 
sending compostables down the garbage disposal, so sometimes I add 
whatever's in the sink when I pick up the containers every day. It 
does involve retraining old habits.

And I also pick up 1-2 grocery bags full of compostables (via someone 
on freecycle) once a week at a designated time. Each grocery bag 
contains 3-5 plastic bags of compostables, which have probably been 
kept in the refrigerator as they accumulate, because they have always 
been fresh-smelling and never moldy.

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