[permaculture] Pet wastes....

yarrow at sfo.com yarrow at sfo.com
Mon Jul 31 13:10:54 EDT 2006

>We have 3 dogs including 1 which is a monster (big ole Saintie).  I hate
>throwing away all that potentially useful fertilizer so I'm looking for
>suggestions on how to dispose of it differently.  I'm considering a can in
>the ground solution but odor can NOT be a factor; we're in a subdivision
>with houses being close so I need something that will do the trick for a LOT
>of scat but without the stench.

The office of urban ag in Vancouver has a great web page on 
alternatives for pet-poop composting, including in-ground digesters 
that use purchased enzymes (like the ones used for septic tanks). The 
Univ. of Alaska at Fairbanks has also done some research in this area 
(to take care of all the sled-dog wastes that had been deposited on 
riverbanks and then washing into the water with snowmelt).



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