[permaculture] Dealing with one's own trash....

KNat knat at sprintmail.com
Mon Jul 31 13:47:20 EDT 2006

Noctaire wrote:
> It's less an outside issue than an INSIDE issue I'm fighting.  :)  I need a
> way to convince the whole family to put the kitchen scraps somewhere OTHER
> than in the garbage can so I'm thinking something like a separate waste
> center with maybe biodegradable bags or something similar?
If they are like my family a rain barrel (or hose) by the compost to 
rinse a small container is key. Our container is a clear salad storage 
plastic container (since all the cute crocks bit the dust.) We have two 
that stack together so we can handle bigger batches or one in transit. I 
admire people who can have pretty "away" spots, but it is not our 
reality. Clear, widemouthed, covered, unbreakable, easy to carry, w no 
scary situations between kitchen and pile, and rinse at far end, is all 
we can sustain. In the winter, we use a wormbox under the sink for 
coffee grounds and some but toss most peels/trimmings straight into the 
chicken pen in the morning. They keep up and there's rarely anything 
left to attract outside critters by nightfall. I enjoy hearing a child 
friend prompted, when dawdling over a crust or unfinished food, "It's 
okay we'll just recycle it into eggs. Let's go!" In summer, the chickens 
can't keep up and flies get in the wormbox so we use outside pile but 
hens, cats, occasional ewes, and non-scary roosters can go stir the pile 
for us.

Good luck,

ps I do coffee grounds separately  to not OD the animals and to decide 
who gets the extra-acidic mix. We run high acidic soil and balance w 
fireplace ash.

pps when I was a kid our neighbor planted cherry tomatoes by his for 
only the child willing to carry the pail. (Now that I'm thinking I may 
move a raspberry bush. Thanks.)

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