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One more thing, James...in the past, raising various animals....horses, 
calves, chickens, mice, hamsters, etc, the general rule is that if the pen 
or cage or stall smells, you aren't using enough bedding.  Keep in mind that 
the manure is the "hot" or "green" stuff in the compost and the bedding is 
the "brown" stuff.  The correct proportions are approximately 20% hot to 80% 
cold, or brown.  Add moisture and it composts.  At the beginning there might 
be a smell, but it's not that nasty doggie poo smell.

Lisa, in the Ozarks

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> We have 3 dogs including 1 which is a monster (big ole Saintie).  I hate
> throwing away all that potentially useful fertilizer so I'm looking for
> suggestions on how to dispose of it differently.  I'm considering a can in
> the ground solution but odor can NOT be a factor; we're in a subdivision
> with houses being close so I need something that will do the trick for a 
> of scat but without the stench.
> James
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