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My sister in Albuquerque NM uses one of those things buried in the yard for 
the waste from 2 Labradors.  She is in a subdivision.  However, it is so dry 
there that dog waste generally dries and turns ashy.  If you are in a wet 
area where the dog waste washes into the yard, maybe you could mow the yard 
and rake up the freshly fertilized, high nitrogen grass and use it for 
mulch.  I currently have 2 dog pens and scatter the waste up on the hillside 
and then let the sheep graze the area, but I think you said you are in a 
subdivision, so that wouldn't work for you.  But maybe a variation...throw 
it in a pile and cover with leaves, chopped if you can chop them, and use it 
like a dedicated humanure pile and let it sit for a while then use to 
fertilize fruit or nut trees.  Just some thoughts...

Lisa, in the MO Ozarks

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> We have 3 dogs including 1 which is a monster (big ole Saintie).  I hate
> throwing away all that potentially useful fertilizer so I'm looking for
> suggestions on how to dispose of it differently.  I'm considering a can in
> the ground solution but odor can NOT be a factor; we're in a subdivision
> with houses being close so I need something that will do the trick for a 
> of scat but without the stench.
> James
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