[permaculture] Dealing with one's own trash....

Noctaire noctaire at infobin.org
Mon Jul 31 12:06:07 EDT 2006

> In my compost bins, I found that whenever I saw lots of fruit flies 
> hovering, it was easy to move them along by burying the compostables 
> deeper in the pile, covering them with a layer of shredded newspaper, 
> or adding a layer of coffee grounds.
> To avoid smell and insects in something like a 5-gallon bucket with a 
> lid, you can get some coffee grounds (free from most coffee shops) 
> and cover each day's compostables with them.

It's less an outside issue than an INSIDE issue I'm fighting.  :)  I need a
way to convince the whole family to put the kitchen scraps somewhere OTHER
than in the garbage can so I'm thinking something like a separate waste
center with maybe biodegradable bags or something similar?

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