[permaculture] Dealing with one's own trash....

Noctaire noctaire at infobin.org
Mon Jul 31 00:47:19 EDT 2006

We're trying hard to deal with our trash but having limited luck.  Unlike my
neighbors (suburbia) I can deal with things like grass clippings and leaves
with no problem; they enrich my garden quite nicely.  We recycle cans,
cardboard, and plastic containers.  I need to come up with a tidy way of
gathering kitchen scraps to toss in the compost tumblers (something like a
container that won't attract insects or give off unpleasant smells).  There
just seems to be so many other things though that don't go so nicely.

Does anyone have any suggested reading/links on handling trash disposal?  I
really want to get this aspect of things WAY down.



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