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G'day Toby,

Interestingly the original Keyline properties (Yobarnie & Nevallan) are also
under pressure from the urban sprawl in Richmond, in the urban fringe of
Sydney NSW. David Holmgren and I did a Google Earth search of these
properties last week (on his very nice 17" Mac notebook!) and found that
there is high resolution 2006 satellite imagery available of both of these
farms, which made for really interesting analysis some 40-50 years post
development and Yeomans family ownership. These properties can be found by
logging in the following coordinates to Google Earth:


Yobarnie is to the south and Nevallan is to the north. Nevallan features
Contour Strip Forests in its development which from space like they are
doing pretty well. The patterning of these sites is in stark contrast to
that of the surrounding urban and rural landscapes. Unfortunately you can
"lead a horse to water...."

I must get to these properties one day: especially now I have located them -
they should be made put on the national register of protected sites I
reckon. The way things are going in Sydney though they will probably be
mindlessly gobbled up by the scourge of so-called 5 star energy rated

When I catch up with Allan Yeomans next weekend I will ask him if he knows
of any farms his father designed in North America. I'm pretty sure that he
did go over there so. I would certainly like to check out the sites that you
mentioned Toby when we are traipsing about.  

As Toby rightly pointed out, there are a few Permaculturists who have
developed Keyline based sites all over the place: as they should with it
being the ideal foundation for larger-scale developments, hence my
enthusiasm for the concept!


Darren Doherty


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> Abe has put in what is one of N.America's first and only Yeomans/PC
> style earthworks for his mid-size dairy operation. Darren is an
> expert in this dep't.

Just to give credit where it's due, Guy Baldwin in California and Marvin
Hegge in Oregon, S. Dakota and Arizona, plus Tom Ward, Penny Livingston, and
several others have put in Yeomans-style keyline earthworks on a large scale
too. Marvin had a 250-acre ranch near me in southern Oregon that was
beautifully laid out with ponds and terraces on the keyline plan. Sadly, it
was sold to a grape grower who didn't quite get it. But there are
Yeomans-style plows in southern Oregon and California that get regular work.


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