[permaculture] Keyline system, raised beds, tractor implements & other pics of my farm, 4 acres in production

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Fri Jul 28 18:40:03 EDT 2006

Regarding the large production raised beds I use that I have written about in the past:

Here are shots of raised beds on the 4 acres I have in vegetable production on my farm produced using a John Deere 3020 
tractor, a Roll-A-Cone hiller-bedder, a Howard Rotavator, a tillage tool (spring shank cultivator)
and a 3 bottom plow. I have Three Yeomans plow shanks which will be mounted on the 6' toolbar pictured below 
(YeomansPlowToolbar.jpg) and applied to the entire acreage when soil moisture in low enough to avoid compaction.
I farm on a number of converging slopes so erosion is a problem, access by tractor is also. I plan to build small 
temporary earth dams across all the beds on all slopes at 100' intervals to limit erosion. I have lined the bottom edges 
of widest slopes with dozens of 5' round bales to catch nutrients and soil and limit nutrient-rich water loss - this is 
shown in: catchment-erosioncontrol.jpg. The tall, long raised beds were prepared on the flats and along the slopes on 
the contour; they usually contain all rainfall and dispense it gradually during dry times, by capillary action to the 
growing beds. During heavy rains the beds look like chinampas. At the lowest point on the West side of my property, 
below the driveway, I have constructed a small wet-weather water impoundment. This fills with nutrient-rich water 
overnight in a large rain. I have planted duckweed, cattails, papyrus and water lillies in it. The duckweed seems to 
have taken off as of today. Frogs breed readily in this nurturing environment - have had only one mosquito bite all 
summer thanks to them - the tadpoles love the duckweed - the cattails are sprouting new growth 2 weeks after planting.


bottomplow-tillagetool-YeomansPlowToolbar.jpg   200KB   640x480x16M jpeg
catchment-erosioncontrol.jpg                    197KB   640x480x16M jpeg
raisedbeds1.jpg                                 189KB   640x480x16M jpeg
raisedbeds2.jpg                                 237KB   640x480x16M jpeg
raisedbeds3.jpg                                 225KB   640x480x16M jpeg
raisedbeds4.jpg                                 249KB   640x480x16M jpeg
raisedbeds5.jpg                                 213KB   640x480x16M jpeg
raisedbeds6.jpg                                 196KB   640x480x16M jpeg
Roll-A-Cone-Hiller-Bedder.jpg                   174KB   640x480x16M jpeg
smallpond.jpg                                   156KB   640x480x16M jpeg
YeomansPlowToolbar.jpg                          163KB   640x480x16M jpeg


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