[permaculture] Keyline system

roxann roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com
Fri Jul 28 17:04:08 EDT 2006

Hi Lisa, 

Will you or one of the others give me a briefing on what this topic is all about? I've never heard of some of these terms, and your mention it being helpful in the Ozarks has my interest piqued. Fortunately, my hills are very tree covered, some in fairly old growth forests, though not original - but of at least 25 years - which is something rare around here, so water runoff is not such a problem. 

Roxann, NW AR

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>  Hi Toby,
>  Do you know of any of these Keyline plows in the Ozark area of the US?  I
>  have 154 acres and could really use one, as could most other folks around
>  here, even thought they don't know it!  After 100 plus years of cutting
>  trees off these hills, the water just runs down them unrestricted, taking
>  all the topsoil with it and  filling in the creeks with gravel.  After
>  reading (most of) the Keyline book, I am starting to understand the concept
>  and would like to try it on my land.  Being an example is one way to affect
>  change, or so I am hoping....!

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