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Hi Toby,

Do you know of any of these Keyline plows in the Ozark area of the US?  I 
have 154 acres and could really use one, as could most other folks around 
here, even thought they don't know it!  After 100 plus years of cutting 
trees off these hills, the water just runs down them unrestricted, taking 
all the topsoil with it and  filling in the creeks with gravel.  After 
reading (most of) the Keyline book, I am starting to understand the concept 
and would like to try it on my land.  Being an example is one way to affect 
change, or so I am hoping....!

Thanks for any info you or anyone can provide,

Lisa, in the MO Ozarks

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> On 7/27/06 1:39 PM, "Claude William Genest" <genest at pivot.net> wrote:
>> Abe has put in what is one of N.America's first and only Yeomans/PC
>> style earthworks for his mid-size dairy operation. Darren is an
>> expert in this dep't.
> Just to give credit where it's due, Guy Baldwin in California and Marvin
> Hegge in Oregon, S. Dakota and Arizona, plus Tom Ward, Penny Livingston, 
> and
> several others have put in Yeomans-style keyline earthworks on a large 
> scale
> too. Marvin had a 250-acre ranch near me in southern Oregon that was
> beautifully laid out with ponds and terraces on the keyline plan. Sadly, 
> it
> was sold to a grape grower who didn't quite get it. But there are
> Yeomans-style plows in southern Oregon and California that get regular 
> work.
> Toby
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