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I trust that this greets you and all well.

Following our successful foray into Viet Nam working with Dr Howard Yana
Shapiro (Director Plant Science & External Research M&M's/Mars Inc.) and
ACDIVOCA/Success Alliance  my family (Lisa, Isaebella (13), Pearl (6) and
Zane(5) and I will be traversing the Northern Hemisphere from January 2007.
We are currently organizing an array of engagements in Hawaii, California,
New Mexico, New York and Quebec (and Spain) with Permaculture
groups/businesses. The North American tour will start in February/March 2007
from where we will cross the Antlantic in Europe etc. I am therefore
fielding expressions of interest for myself to do conduct some professional
Permaculture consulting and teaching during this study tour/road trip. 

For the North American leg of our tour Allan J. Yeomans of the Yeomans Plow
Company <http://www.yeomansplow.com.au/>  has kindly offered to supply us
with a Yeomans Keyline Plow for practical demonstrations on the accelerated
soil creation, rainfall infiltration & vitally important carbon
sequestration effects of using this multiple-award winning implement. 

My specific fields of expertise are as follows:

.           Keyline Design R Applications (Farm Design, Soil Renovation

.           Broadacre Permaculture Design

.           GIS/GIS/MS Excel Applications in Permaculture Design

.           Broadscale Water Harvesting & Drought Proofing

.           Farm Forestry and Tree Crops

.           Permaculture Earthworks

I have the full Permaculture Design Course Curriculum in MS Powerpoint, a
portable LCD projector and notebook with an extensive digital permaculture
photo library enabling me to teach anywhere to ostensibly any audience. I am
also equipped to conduct GIS/CAD/GPS-based Permaculture Designs of broadacre
systems. I have taught on many successful courses in Australia and Viet Nam
to mainly rural adults teaming with renowned Permaculture educators such as
David Holmgren and Bill Mollison among others. 

Our foremost intention is to bring to bear and expand on our Broadacre
Permaculture/Keyline Design experience and to help others (consultants and
landholders alike) broaden their opportunities in this often neglected, but
vitally important field. 

I invite people or organisations to consider using my professional skills
and experience as either a permaculture designer and developer or teacher
with a large body of practical experience (having designed/developed over
1100 rural properties). 

Yours and Growing,

Darren J. Doherty

Permaculture Designer

Australia Felix Permaculture


Integrated Consultant

M&M's/Mars Inc.


Australia (Bendigo): 

Yeerip House

103 Casey St, East Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, 3550

p. +61 3 5444 1068

m. +61 (0) 418 254 605 (Australian Mobile)

e.  <mailto:darren at permaculture.biz> darren at permaculture.biz

w.  <http://www.permaculture.biz/> www.permaculture.biz

Australia (Moriac): 


15 Thielemanns Rd, Moriac, Victoria, Australia, 3240

p. +61 3 5266 1807


Viet Nam (Dong Xoai):

Sustainable Cacao Agroforestry Systems (SCAS) 

Hillside Restoration & Water/Soil Conservation Project,

Forest Science Sub Institute of Vietnam (FSSIV) Research Farm,

Huong-lo 312, Nghia Trung Commune, Bu Dang District, Binh Phuoc Province,

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

m. +84 (0) 909 861 520  (Viet Nam Mobile)


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