[permaculture] Port Townsend September 15th-30th Permaculture Design Course

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Wed Jul 26 12:15:54 EDT 2006

*Permaculture Design Course *
*At the EcoVillage in Port Townsend, WA*
* *
*September 15---30, 2006*
/ /
*/Instructors: /*/Jenny Pell, Larry Santoyo, Chuck Estin, &  many local 
 This course will focus on building practical design and hands-on skills 
for immediate application in your home, neighborhood, and community.  We 
will examine in-depth strategies for local self-reliance, community 
development, and thriving local economies.
/_*Join us in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for a 14-day intensive !*_/
/* */
·             *Permaculture design principles and methodologies*
·             *Reading landscapes, mapping, and site analysis*
·             *Patterns in nature*
·             *Plant propagation and seed saving*
·             *Indigenous cultivation, traditions, and practices*
·             *Perennial polycultures and food forests*
·             *Alternative technologies*
·             *Water catchment, pond building, and aquaculture*
·             *Whole systems theory and Ecoliteracy*
·             *Herbs and medicinal plants*
·             *Integrated animal systems*
·             *Passive and active solar designs*
·             *Natural building, Ecovillage design, and more...*
*Cost:  *$1,000 to $600 sliding scale---discounted price includes worktrade.
Includes delicious vegetarian meals made from local and farm-fresh foods
*/Deadline to apply:  September 1, 2006.  $250 non-refundable deposit 
For complete details and to register please contact Chuck Estin:
Chuck at permaculturenow.com or (206) 551-8496
* <http://www.permaculturenow.com/>*
_www.permaculturenow.com <http://www.permaculturenow.com/>_

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