[permaculture] plants for producing oil for biodiesel use

Guyton Durnin gwdurnin at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 26 00:15:11 EDT 2006

Hello everyone!  While I currently am producing biodiesel on the small scale
for my University in Houston, TX using WVO, I am interested in finding out
what types of plants are good for producing the oil necessary for the raw

Specifically, I want a plant that is fast growing (so that production can
start in a year or so) and that can grow in different areas of Africa as I
would like to help groups setup biodiesel projects there.

The area that I'm currently looking at has access to irrigation through bore
holes (although the water can be slightly salty).  Any thoughts or
suggestions on where I should start looking would be greatly appreciated!

Guyton Durnin
Rice University

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