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Fri Jul 21 02:35:09 EDT 2006


	OK, so there's something contentious going on - it didn't
occur to me that a critical edit could have gone on in the few hours
whilst I slept!

"Spiritcare''' - (*N.B. This ethic may not be recognised by some
permaculturists and could thus be considered an `optional ethic..) 
Originally there were 3 ethics. At APC8 in Melbourne, 2005, the 4th
ethic, "Care of Spirit" was invoked due to a feeling by some
permaculturists that there was something missing in the ethics that
was very important to many permaculturists. Although it was put
forward that spirit care is part of people care, "Care of Spirit" was
invoked as a separate ethic because there was a need for some
permaculturists to formally recognise that aspect of themselves that
relates to the non-material and what they consider sacred, eternal and
a distinctively unique and an important part of a permanent culture
(i.e. permaculture.) Also, this is an essential aspect of many
people's lives."

	APC8 turns out to be Australian Permaculture Convergence in
this context: http://www.apc8.org.au/

	My feeling is that this _is_ part of people-care.  I would
add a sentence fragment to the 'people care' section to make 
explicit the non-material aspect.




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