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Fri Jul 21 01:58:14 EDT 2006


	Are you particularly disatisfied with this section, Graham?


"Core values

Permaculture is a broad-based and holistic approach that has many
applications to all aspects of life. At the heart of permaculture
design and practice is a fundamental set of .core values. or ethics
which remain constant whatever a person's situation, whether they are
creating systems for town planning or trade; whether the land they
care for is only a windowbox or an entire forest. These 'ethics' are
often summarised as;

    * Earthcare . recognising that the Earth is the source of all life 
(and is possibly itself a living entity- see Gaia theory) and that we
recognise and respect that the Earth is our valuable home and we are a
part of the Earth, not apart from it.

    * Peoplecare . supporting and helping each other to change to ways 
of living that are not harming ourselves or the planet, and to develop
healthy societies.

    * Fairshare (or placing limits on consumption) - ensuring that 
the Earth's limited resources are utilized in ways that are equitable
and wise.

Everyone needs to eat and drink, and it is the issue of food
production where permaculture had its origins. It started with the
belief that for people to feed themselves sustainably they need to
move away from reliance on industrialized agriculture. Where
industrial farms use fossil fuel (gasoline, diesel, natural gas..) 
driven technology specialising in each farm producing high yields of a
single crop, permaculture stresses the value of low-inputs into the
land and diversity in terms of what is grown. The model for this was
an abundance of small scale market and home gardens for food
production with food miles being a primary issue."

	I can't immediately put my finger on what might be lacking,
or mis-leading, with it?




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