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Paul Kosuth prkosuth at ll.net
Wed Jul 19 15:48:26 EDT 2006

from Elspeth Huxleys The Flame Trees of Thika a memoire of an African 

I can't find the paragraph where she talked directly about here 
education but she spoke about the openness of growing up in colonial 
British east Africa where she would learn what was needed to be learned 
without direct instruction. She was there at age 6, 1913.

	"Tilly (Elspeths mother) was so taken up with the daily business of of 
living that she had little time, and perhaps even less inclination, for 
a brooding hen approanch to motherhood. Life was there for me to take 
part in, and always offered plenty to do, but things were not invented 
for me, I was not labeled as a child to be handled with care and given 
special attention."

about learning from the Kikuyu..

	"the Kikuyu, as a rule, were not much interested in their 
surroundings. ..they walked around their country without appearing to 
possess it -- or perhaps I mean, without leaving an mark. To us, that 
was remarkable: they had not tried to recreate  or change or tame the 
country and to bring it under their control. ...The natives of Africa 
had accepted what God, or nature, had given them without apparently 
wishing to improve upon it in any significant way. "

I am finding this recounting and her education very interesting. At 18 
she did attend Reading College and Cornell to study agriculture.

Paul K

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