[permaculture] hope and what to do about our hell

roxann roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com
Wed Jul 19 13:07:29 EDT 2006

it's also entirely possible that is necessary that we have both the folks working from the top down and those of us folks working from the bottom up. i'm not an environmentalist in the sense that i am attending rallies on the other side of the country. but i am working from my own corner by teaching the kids that all snakes do not have to be killed just because they are a snake. and my boys have grown up hunting only what they intend to eat, not just target shooting at the little birds like so many of their friends do. we've learned to eat things that grow around us, and grow things that don't. and we've learned that wild animals have their place and we don't have to utilize our space in a way that excludes them from theirs. in short, we are learning respect for all of life and even things that most consider non-life, like rocks. hopefully, my family takes this type of thinking and will live the rest of their lives wherever they go as they get married and grow up and spread it to their children. maybe even some friends will be influenced along the way. as i offer classes on wildcrafting and herbalism, foks in my area will take some of this home with them, too. It's my own small contribution to the solution. i appreciate the work that the top-down folks are doing and i wish more people appreciated the work that bottom-up folks are doing, too.


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