[permaculture] 2006 is already setting heat records

roxann roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com
Wed Jul 19 12:31:28 EDT 2006

Without an ideal to restore, something to give folks like me hope for a better future, it's hard to stay motivated. It's not rubbish for me to work toward creating, or returning to, a better life for myself and my children and grandchildren. For people who live in the greed culture and know only that work-for-the-sake-of-consuming culture, then it IS necessary to create a new outlook, or at the very least somehow get them to know there even exists another way to live and that it is a worthwile pursuit. Dreams are not the problem. Greed is the problem, and its a prevalent thing. I HAVE begun a return to nature, but I am still walking with one foot in each world. Eventually, I will get to a more natural life, but I believe it is possible to live in a city without living the greed culture, as well. And I guess there are ways to express this optimistic outlook without resorting to parables, or euphamisms (sp?), but some people gain encouragement this way and some people find hope that way. If it doesn't work for you, then don't give it any thought. But if it helps even only me, then it is worthwhile at least to me. I couldn't live with a bleak outlook where hopeful thought and expression is considered "rubbish". 


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>  >   This is exactly how we got into the mess we are in today, we where originally in tune with
>  > nature then as we evolved we evolved away from nature, because we believed what we thought, that
>  > is we believed in our hopes and dreams which are created from fear and desire, we need to drop
>  > this rubbish and deal with reality as it is
>  >   Martin
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>  > roxann <roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com> wrote:
>  >   Exactly! If you give folks a paradigm to live by, most will live by it and create a world to
>  > suite it, if it's not currently fitting the situation. Why not create a better paradigm?

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